Thursday, April 2, 2009

More pictures of spring break

I had so much fun hanging out with family over spring break.
I called Isaiah "floppy" because he had a floppy head, and Caleb starting saying "floppy head" over and over:)
Caleb was so much fun.
He tried to be gentle with Isaiah...this may be one of the rare moments.
He is in his "Going to Bela's" outfit here. The guys went to Cabelas on Saturday to see the large stuffed animals and to shop.
I also taught Caleb to say "Volleyball"...although it sounds more like "ballyball"

Isaiah loves to look around...
We gave him a bath and he clung to my finger for dear life! (Check out his fingers)

We also included him in one of our many games of Settlers of Catan.

Doesn't he look thrilled?
If anyone who lives around here knows how to play Settlers...we should get together to play.
Thanks, Lori for sharing your kids with me. I had a great time!


Lori said...

No problem. Thanks for coming!!! Caleb still talks about floppy and "following mommy in Angie's car".
Please COME AGAIN whenever you want!!


Lori said...

PS I had a ton of fun looking at your little bloggers!! :)

Chad said...

I know how to play! Fun and Excitement are only one hour away in Denver!! My friends all love it too!! We could have a settlers-a-thon!