Saturday, April 11, 2009

Coupon Disaster

No, my coupons didn't all fall out of my coupon binder:)

I messed up by not reading the fine print of my coupons 3 times today!!
Just when I think I have it down, the system beats me again.
All of you who say you should use coupons and don't...well it sometimes is ANNOYING...but I am addicted.

Here are some examples:
Safeway had a coupon in their flyer for 12 pks of soda 3/6.99 with coupon. I got all my groceries at King Soopers, then headed over to Safeway for cheap soda. When I got to the checkout counter the cashier nicely informed me that the coupon said "minimum purchase $20". UGGG. I walked around the store for what seemed like an eternity and I found Apples to Apples (the game) on clearance for $5, Wheat thins on sale for 1.69 (and I had a BOGO coupon), and a skateboard toy (prize for school kids) for .99. I filled the rest in with cream of something soup and a BUNCH of apples and bananas. Here are my items without the fruit:

Another example: I went in to Bath and Body works with 2 coupons. When I went to purchase my items and get a bunch of stuff for free but one of the coupons had expired a few days ago. UGGG. I still got the other thing free.

Yet another example: I went to Maurices specifically because I had a coupon that expired today and a gift card. I tried on clothes and shopped for at least 40 min. and settled on a cute gray pair of pants to wear for teaching. When I got up to the counter it wouldn't take the coupon because it was already a clearanced item. HMMM...shouldn't they make that obvious on the coupon???. Guess not.

Besides that, my day of scavenging for free or almost free items was great. I started with a free sandwich from Charlies Grilled Subs (my favorite). I use a punch card when we go there and the 8th one is free.

Here is what I got at other stores:

My closest Hallmark went out of business so they sent me a $2 coupon for anything at a different Hallmark. (This time I read the fine print and it had to be a "division of Hallmark" product.) I headed over to the clearance section and got some metal tags for scrapbooking and a cute gift bag. I also included my B&BW lotion and some perfume I got from VS free (from a card I got in the mail.)

At King Soopers I got 8 Airhead X-tremes for free (after doubled coupons) and 6 Mountain High yogurts for free after doubled coupons. The cheese was .99!, the cake mix .3o after coupon, and the Juice was Buy One (3.79) get one free & eggs for free. (After a $1.00 coupon for the juice it was .93 each)
My last stop of the day I tried on a really cute shirt at Marshalls. It had a spot on it, so I asked for a discount and they gave me an additional $2 off. At least something worked out for me:)

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Anonymous said...

That's why I don't coupon as much as I should. They are expired, or I left them at home. :)
Glad you got some good deals.