Friday, December 5, 2008

"In Iowa..."

The kids hot lunch menu said that they were having chili and cinnamon rolls on Wednesday. "What?" said some of the other teachers? "Who ever heard of those together?" "Seriously?" I said, those are like peanut butter and jelly where I come from." "In fact, I made chili and cinnamon rolls when we had company over last week!"

Less than one minute later, a teacher commented about how her and her boyfriend almost broke down and bought a microwave. "What?" I commented, "You really don't have a microwave in your house?" "Nope" she replied. "Do you know how bad microwaves are for you?" all the other teachers asked? "They kill all the nutrients in your food." Another teacher replied, "we barely ever use ours."
"I probably use mine 3 times a day!" I answered back.

Now, I don't pretend to be a tree hugger, or a Colorado native, but I had no idea my thoughts were so different from the other 6 teachers at the table.
Today I brought in pasta with broccoli and showed them that I was eating broccoli, so I could eat with them again. Little do they know, I used the microwave to heat it up:)
No pictures for DPP today, maybe tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Chili and cinnamon rolls --
do go together.
And I thought microwaves saved nutrients by cooking food a shorter time. Don't they?

Lori said...

I don't think so mom. But you can pretend. :)

Chili and cinnamon rolls------YmmmmmM!!!! I reallly reallly want some now. And I just have to say, the SCCS cinnamon rolls were THE BOMB. I loved them so much.

Clare said...

That is absolutely hysterical. I was raised in Iowa, and recently moved back after college, but I must admit, I haven't heard of cinnamon rolls and chili. BUT I also use the microwave for pretty much everything.