Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December photo project

Since Lori is attempting the December Photo project, I decided to also. (which just means I will post almost every day on my blog, and have pictures.) You can read about it HERE.

Today I decided to post about...you got it... DEALS.
SALE price of all these items would be: 61.69
After coupons/register rewards/store deals, I got all of it for under 8.00.

Walgreens had a lot of Register Rewards deals, and a $5 off $25 coupon for Dec.1&2. I got my total to $25, they took $5 off, and I paid $20 (on a gift card so it doesn't count:). Then I got $16 back in RR. So $4 for most of the stuff.
Victoria's Secret keeps sending me free stuff. In the last month I have gotten 2 $10 off any purchase of $10 or more coupons. So, I got some sweet undies for 10.50, and paid .54 for my purchase. Last but not least Bath and Body works sent me a card for a free item (up to $13) with any purchase. I couldn't resist a cute lamb for $3 and I got a $10 candle for free. Total purchases= under $8.
I usually post my deals on my other blog, Being Dutch Gets You Much. I might post this one over there too. If you want some information on how you can get sweet deals, check out the blogroll on my other blog.

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Anonymous said...

Good deals again.
Way to go.