Monday, June 9, 2008

New Challenge: How much can I save?

This week, as I read "frugal" blogs, printed Internet coupons, scavenged through Sunday paper store fliers, and re-read the grocery store ads...I made it my goal to see how much money I would save by shopping with sales, store deals, and coupons. When I unloaded all my bags today I was pleasantly surprised! I think I did pretty good.

Here is what I got for $20.07 (after rebates and coupons)
2-CranGrape 64 oz. bottles
2-boxes Honey Nut Cheerios
2-boxes Cinnamon Toast Crunch
1- Venus Razor
1-Schick Titanium Razor with bonus Edge shave gel
2- fancy paper clip pkgs.
1- pkg. clear Band-Aids
1-6pk. bottles Mt. Dew
2-4pk. Tava Sparkling Beverage
3-pkgs. taco seasoning mix
1-can Enchilada mix
1-bottle Fuze
1-pkg. Kashi Granola bars
1-pkg. Cheerios snack mix
1-box Honey bunches of oats
2-baby outfits (gifts)
1-baby bottle
1-bottle Excedrin Back&Body pain reliever
1-trial sized Gold bond lotion
2-pkgs. Kotex Pads
1- pkg. Electrasol tabs
1-can Baked beans
1-whole pineapple

And I got 2 Digital TV converters (using my 2-$40 card from the mail)and a wireless laptop mouse for a little over $25.
It's so much stuff that it needed 2 pictures!

I looked at how much the regular price was, how much I paid, and I figured out how much I saved.
Without the Converters and mouse I paid $20.07
And saved...............
$68.88 That's 71% if I calculated correctly.
Including the TV converters and mouse I paid $45.81
And saved......$170.87! That's a savings of 73%

You may ask...did you buy anything else?
Yeah. I always put the cold stuff in the fridge/freezer right away. That was all on sale too.
I did buy a few other things that weren't on sale (shame-shame). Shaver blades that John loves, chapstick with 30SPF so I don't get cold sores from the sun, and sinus medicine without drowsiness. (I felt a sinus headache coming on before I left, so I took some medicine that "may cause drowsiness" because that was all I had...And I got very sleepy while shopping for deals:)
I still am planning to post my favorite deals, and tips for getting good deals on here sometime (maybe this week). Keep on the lookout. If you don't want to wait, check out MoneySavingMom or CentsibleSawyer (on my blogs list).


Anonymous said...

It would be nice to live closer to more stores to try this out. I am not good at the stock up aand save thing either. Glad to see you are doing something productive during summer vacation (JK:)

Happy Birthday!


Dan & Sarah said...

Do you want to come to my house and do my shopping for me? I've already spent over $100 on groceries this month and it's only the 11th!!