Friday, June 13, 2008

How YOU can get some good deals and free stuff

Here is my first of a few posts about how you can get some of the free stuff that I get:)
Deal tips:
1. Sign up with a separate e-mail account than your regular one.
a. If you are serious about getting deals I would make sure you sign up for most things with an e-mail account that you don’t use that much in case it happens to get spamed.
2. Install the coupon printer. Many coupon sites that I use ask you to install the coupon printer. I was very wary at first…but it is totally worth it! ( will talk more about printing coupons in another post)

My favorite deals:
1. $40 Digital TV converter box coupons here (
2. Office Depot free DVD 10pk here (
3. Free Food links. Sign up at your favorite resturants for free food. Some send you and e-mail for a free birthday treat, some send you a deal for signing up, some send both! If you plan on signing up for a BUNCH of your favorite resturants, you may want to “change” when your birthday is for some of them. For example, my birthday is this week, and I have like 15 choices of where to go to eat, because I have deals for those places that expire 2 wks from when sent.
When you click on the link…be sure to look at the other posts (with resturants not just S-Z)
Look at all the options I had during the 2-weeks around my birthday:

4. Sign up for Kohl’s e-mail updates and get $5 off any $5 or more purchace.
5. ***It appears that this contest has ended***Dr. Pepper’s more to explore. (first you regiser) then login, choose “need a code?” at the bottom of the page, and put in your e-mail. Go to your e-mail, copy the code, and paste it into the contest box. Sometimes you win, sometimes you don’t, but each time you get a coupon for $1.00 off two 12-pack or 2-liter of Dr. Pepper. You can only request a code once each 24-hours, but you could request codes to different e-mail addresses to have more than one chance a day. I won a $5 grocery store gift card the other day, but mostly I do it for the coupons (John drinks a lot of Dr. Pepper).
6. Blue Bunny $1 off any novelty coupon: (who doesn’t love ice cream?:)

My favorite free samples: (you may have to look on the website where it says “try it free” or “request a free sample”)
1. True lemon sample:
2. Free bottle of Coffee Mate
3. Drink mix samples:
4. Kashi Granola:
5. Yoplait kids free package: (look for the pop-up)(it didn't come up for me when I double checked the link, but I will leave it here-just in case)
6. Teddy Grahams sample:
7. Nature Made(vitamins)-sign up for a 14 day free supply:
8. Clorox2colors:
9. Free Attune bar:
10. Free Playtex baby bottle (drop-ins):
11. This blog lists some more that I didn’t list:

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