Thursday, June 19, 2008

My free stuff this week

This week I made a haul with free stuff (using rebates, coupons, and contests).
I even won a free movie ticket (and like 7 bags of chips) with the Subway Get Smart contest. I waited until today to take a picture, and then sure enough, I got another freebie in the mail.

I will probably be giving a lot of this stuff away.
I had never tried RiteAid (drugstores) before this week, but the rebates are super-easy and you do it all online.
Along that note, if any of you parents are looking for "Kids Eat Free (or almost-free)" deal at resturants...check out this master list from MoneySavingMom (thanks!)
Also...can I say "I LOVE SUMMER!"

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Anonymous said...

I'm impressed.
I love summer, too.