Friday, March 14, 2008

The wall outside my classroom...

As I walked by the wall outside my classroom...I realized the stuff hanging on my wall had been there for a few months.
I had no new student work to hang outside my classroom, so I looked online for technology bulletin boards. I could only find super cheesy ones. Don't get me wrong, I like kinda cheesy...but I was going for something more classy.
I came up with "Technology Rocks" of the top of my head, and then came up with a scene that included river rocks with parts of technology on them. I also printed out characters from the stories the kindergartners and I read on The stories are really cute, and they help with phonics. I haven't finished adding details, but I'm happy with it for now.

In other news, I have had some time to watch TV online. "Eli Stone" on ABC is one of my favorite shows. If you haven't seen it, check it out. I also watched the latest episode of "Oprah's big give". I was very skeptical when I started watching, but I found it rather interesting. Especially the episode where they are in Denver and one of the guys goes up to Greeley. The TGIFriday's that they are at in the show is just down the road from our church. Too bad the guy got sent home for giving the manager the car. (sorry to ruin it for you).
Have a Great Weekend!


spain dad said...

I appreciate the pun on your bulletin board! :)

Anonymous said...

What a cute bulletin board!
We also watched the BIG GIVE and said "Why would you give the manager a car?" (We wondered if you went to any of those places in Greeley.)
See you soon.

Anonymous said...

It reminds me of Yogi Bear in Yellowstone Park.