Monday, March 17, 2008

Old School Toys!

First...Happy St. Patricks day! I bought this awesomely bright boa at the dollar store, and found these cool glasses in my "dress-up-box". And...John and I went down to visit his parents on Sunday. They hauled out some awesome toys from his childhood that they wanted to get rid of. One of them was Tyco Racing Bandits (a slot track racing game). It didn't really work when we set it up at thier house. Then John used his Dremel tool and got it all spiffed up. It still has a few issues (it's like 18 years old) but it is sooo fun!


Anonymous said...

What fun!
Remember the race track days at our house?
We still have one in the closet, too. Don't know if it works.
You look good in green.:)

Dan & Sarah said...

Love the look :)
Old school toys are the best.