Saturday, January 26, 2008

A weekend of TERMINATOR

John and I watched part of Terminator III on TV last week, but I didn't really understand the story. Today he pulled out his very own VHS copy of Terminator (I). We watched it and I actually enjoyed the story. So about an hour later we took a trip to Greeley and rented Terminator II. This one was a little scarier, but it was fun to watch Arnold be the "good guy".
We did do other things besides watch movies all day. We got shakes at McDonalds:) I included picts of our friend Kathryn with John, and me on the phone.


Kelly Cook said...

Hey Ang, here are cute pictures of Johnny and the boys! Love your one-year-old scrap book page~

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making my blog look really cool! What else can you do?