Sunday, December 2, 2007

Andrew and Lindsay's wedding

We had a blast at Andrew and Lindsay's wedding (Andrew is a close friend of John, and we really enjoy hanging out with them!)
Here are some pictures.

The decorations were simple and elegant.

After the ceremony we were hanging out with the flower girl Megan (She goes to our church and loves John). The microphone was still on from the music, and John told her to say "Hi Mommy" into the mic. When she did and it was LOUD, she got this BIG smile on her face:)

We had a great time.

In other news, my Dad gave me a present that he made. He is into scrollsawing now, and when I saw one like this at his uncles house this summer I really liked it. It is a dutch boy and girl with a clock. It is about an inch thick. I was trying to explain it to someone, but I thought I should just take a picture. Thanks Dad!


Anonymous said...

Nice wedding!
You took a cool picture of the Dutch thing.
You both look good.

Letícia said...

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