Friday, December 7, 2007

60th post!

Not near as exciting as some other 60th's, but still exciting to me.

I felt like a small town person for the first time in a long time the other night.
We live in Milliken, a small town (5000 people). We have maybe 3 resturants including "Joe's Taco Shack", and a small diner on main street. There is no grocery store, no pizza places, and not a whole lot of anything except liquor stores. I love the city recreation program, and it is quiet here. Plus, we can still see the mountians from our house.

I work in Windsor- a growing town with anything I really need (including 2 major grocery stores), I bank and go to church in Greeley, and I shop in Greeley and Loveland. All of those being about 15-20 min. it doesn't really matter that Milliken doesn't have anything.

This week a Dollar General opened in Milliken. It is close to our house, like if we got in the car it would take less than 2 min. to get there. We can see it from our corner. I really wanted to go there just to check it out. That's when I felt like a small town girl.

For those of you who live in Sioux Center it is like when the "superwalmart" opened. I'm sure half the people in town drove down there just to check it out.

So I convinced John I needed something, and we drove down there. The place wasn't big, but it was nice. A couple with a child was there buying cough syrup, another lady was buying food products, and the cashiers were wearing santa hats. It was nice have an easy place to get something little. But, I didn't need anything, and most of the time I probably won't.

After wondering around looking for about 5 min I walked back out to the truck empty handed. Just checking it out:)


Anonymous said...

You can take a girl out of a small town, but you can't take the small town (outlook) out of the girl.
I like Dollar General, but it moved out of Sioux Center :(
It will be handy for some stuff.
Have a good day (or night).

Lori said...

Heehee! I would TOTALLY do the same thing!!