Thursday, July 6, 2017

Family Vacation in Decorah

We had so much fun in Decorah with everyone! We did our normal stop at the "waterslides" and then continued to Mom and Dad's place. After a nice lunch we decided to go boating. The boys tubed and had an amazing time despite Jay's headache. I was taking amazing pictures on my phone and then (whoops) I dropped my phone in the lake at 20 mph (it was gone!). We did grab a few photos with John's phone:
Then we traveled the next day to Decorah. I really wanted to stop at the Jolly Green Giant in Blue Earth, so we did!
After we got there we went to Lori's and then went to the Roundhouse which we rented. The first night was a little rainy, so many stuffy wars ensued.
The next day we went to the lake and went Canoeing, Bug Collection Finding, and Fishing. The kids had a blast!
We had some snacks, and Ellie loved the dirt!
We spent some time chilling:
We also went hiking a few times. I can't remember where this one was:
Chad took this sweet picture on a back area of the hike:
Lincoln told a fish story on the trail: We spent one night catching fireflies and having a camp fire:
We also went to the Fish Hatchery:
We Celebrated Jay's Birthday:
We did more hiking:
We had a little too much fun with my new phone camera:
We stopped at Lori's for a bit:
Then we hit the road back to mom and dad's. We stopped at Pizza Ranch in MN on the way home for supper.
Andy was super excited to catch fireflies!
Firefly video: Ellie Video: We had a family get together:
We visited the farm:
We left for home on the 4th of July.
She did great on the drive, but did get sick of it at the end. So fun!


Chad said...

Great memories!

Lori said...

Love the pictures!! :). Somebody needs to tell that boy to never lick a fly swatter. Where's his parents??!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Great summary of a great family time!
G-ma N