Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Ellie 14 months

Here are a few videos of her doing what she does best...babbling, playing and being silly. She is actually singing Twinkle Twinkle in this one... She repeats Uh-oh! She loves seeing Daddy pull up the driveway after work and always gives him a big smile when she sees his face:
She is learning to feed herself, although mostly she eats finger food and squeeze applesauce pouches because I don't want to deal with the mess.
She gets in plenty of trouble, although we keep a close eye on her:
She LOVES playing outside, especially with water:
She is learning to pray like her brothers: She makes an adorable cow:
She tried her first slurpee and eats Chick-fil-a sauce by the finger full:)
The first time she was afraid of the cow, the second time she waved, and the third time he went by...she petted him!
Her brothers often build things to excite her like this stuffy/ball pit:
I never got her numbers from the Doctor at 12 months but my guess is that she is 60-75th percentile. She is really easy going, but I do notice when there are not things going on she acts up more. Only 2 teeth on the bottom, but those teething poops and whiney cries are coming at me full swing this week, and I felt a top tooth poking through! She still loves the bottle when she naps/sleeps, and throws down any sippy cup with just milk in it (if it has formula mixed in she will often drink some of it). She naps 1-2 times a day depending on what is going on. She loves PB&J, Pizza, and hot dogs but she will BEG for: Cheese, Blueberries, Strawberries and Grapes. She is great at saying "Thank You" when we empty the dishwasher together, but no other time. She waves "Hi and Bye" to EVERYONE and I get so many compliments about how cute she is. She can walk very well but not run yet. She is just learning the squirm and squeal for when she doesn't want to be held. I want to take pictures of EVERYTHING, because she is so fun, because she is so cute, and because I know she is my littlest...but then again sometimes I just want to enjoy it. I think we picked next year's birthday party theme (unless we change it before then)= Luau!
She loves almost everybody...but if a male who she doesn't know well (or if Mommy isn't around) gets right up in her face, she will probably freak out and cry and cry! She is learning new words every day. She learned to blow kisses, so say "Moo", You can tell when she thinks things are funny, and she got really excited when I gave her a bracelet and necklace to try play with. We love our Ellie BooBoo!

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Anonymous said...

Ellie's our little sweetheart!
Cute pics!
G-ma N