Saturday, September 5, 2015

School Begins

Andy started 3-year old preschool and is in the Llama room (with mostly other 4 year olds). He is not with his best friends (including Pippa and Lucas), but is still loving it. He got a new backpack this year, I'll have to take a picture of it. Oh and "minja turtle" is not a typo. That is how he says Ninja right now.
Jay started Kindergarten at my school this year. People keep making comments like "I remember when he was just a bun in the oven". But they also think he is super cute. On the way to school the first day he kept saying things like..."Mom, haven't I grown a lot since I was a baby!" or "Man, can you believe I am in Kindergarten." I thought it was odd because he had NEVER said anything like that before, but I was too focused on the day that I had to teach, that I didn't cry. He was great the first day. The second day apparently he cried for a bit because he wanted to "give his mommy another hug", but he got over it.
He said he still wants to be a Paleontologist, but mostly so he can watch a lot of dinosaur movies like Jurassic World.
First Day! I wore Broncos colors because it was the last pre-season game that night, and because I matched my room.
Here's to 2015-2016!

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Anonymous said...

Great first day pics!
G-ma N