Sunday, July 12, 2015

Jay's Pirate party

Jay picked a Pirate theme before his 4th birthday, so when it came time for his 5 year old pirate party, we were ready:) We had a big plan for the backyard, but in my spare time I built this with cardboard:
For the backyard ship: First, we put together some pieces of foam board and cardboard backed with a wood/metal frame. John did a lot of work on this, but I found paint for .50 a can at a garage sale and this whole ship and other stuff. So in ship was pidly and our playset turned Pirate ship was awesome!
I had a lot of fun with decorations, and designed the labels.
Here is some more of the food:
The Games (especially the treasure hunt) was a good time.
(The water fight at the end was a ton of fun!)
Other details...the invitation
Some more fun!
We LOVE you Jay.

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Anonymous said...

Great party!
Great job, Ang!
Looks like you had fun, Jay & Andy!
We did too!
G-ma N