Thursday, July 23, 2015

Cows, superheros and everyday summer fun

We have done a lot of random things this summer in between trips:) We had a "bike wash"

Jay learned to make his own PB and J bagel (and only made a medium-sized mess). Andy has been enjoying milkshakes and playing pretend.
I'm not sure why suppertime can't be a normal time. BOYS.
We went to Chic-fil-a dressed like a cow on customer appreciation day and got free food.
The boys are taking swimming lessons these 2 weeks. it is good to see Andy getting used to the water. They had me switch Jay's swimming lesson time because he was the only one signed up...otherwise he would have to pay for private we did...then they moved the other people to different classes, so he basically has private lessons with 2 teachers and we don't have to pay for it, because they moved the the kids out. He is learning a lot.
The boys have been playing with Kristie's quite a bit as we get ready for garage sale.
We went to the Library summer reading program end party. They boys had ice cream with toppings and got to meet some superheroes.
We went to "The Summit" on the day that we were supposed to go to waterworld and still had a blast.
We also did a few other things like local free fun things, and we found a King Soopers with a double horse...the answer to all of my problems:)

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Anonymous said...

Fun in the summertime!
G-ma N