Saturday, January 3, 2015

Woodlands Baby Shower

As I am planning my next baby shower for a friend, I realized I never posted picture of the Woodlands Themed Baby Shower my friends and I threw earlier this year. It truly was a "dream team" of people helping me. My friend (who happens to be a graphic designer) created this invitation:
The Decorations:
The Food:
The Cake was made by my friend Kristie, who agreed to do it, even though she stopped doing her cake business:
My friend Amy, who has experience with a million baby showers helped with the games and activities, but I didn't happen to get any pictures of those things. Laura, who is an experienced canner, gave away some canned jam for the game winners.
I also made little containers of trail mix, put them in small containers from the dollar store, and put a piece of a flower (from the fake flowers from the dollar store) on top.
So much fun!

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Cute ideas!