Sunday, January 18, 2015

January 2015

We have done a lot of fun things this month so far. When we got back from our Christmas trip, we turned to Pintrest and I asked John to make this nerf gun target for the boys. They Loved it.
We stopped by our friends house one day and they invited us to shoot off some rockets with them. It was a hit with the boys.
We had some issues getting started counting, but eventually it worked out:0 We had a blast at a New Year's Eve party. One of things I brought was "everything" mix: a little leftover of much of our holiday food (including some clearance vanilla cupcake goldfish with green and red sprinkles)
We did some watching football, and the boys always have a great time in the bathtub.
We had a lot of fun building a snowman and giving it a Broncos theme:
John took the boys bowling on their day off. I got a Vaughn Miller jersey for Andy at Goodwill for 2.99.
Laura took these little shopping carts to the store with her, so the kids could have a good time...and boy did they have a good time:)
We took our share of naps...
The boys spent time out side and helped the guys with the shed.
The boys did their share of wrestling:
Andy learned some sneaky new tricks:

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Anonymous said...

Nice target!
Lots of fun pictures.
Andy is a little sneaky.
Thanks for posting.
G-ma N