Saturday, November 1, 2014

Our Halloween Party 2014

We spent the 3 weeks before the party doing crafts, shopping at Goodwill 1/2 price days and decorating! It's amazing how many crafts are easy to do with kid in about 30 min. a night, or an hour on a Saturday afternoon. We got some pumpkins ready for the front door.
First we spent some time making toilet paper roll bats.
We made about 7 of these. We also colored a velumn poster I got from Goodwill.
We got some window clings, a glow in the dark spiderweb, some hanging lanterns and other window decorations. We moved some of them to different locations after the pictures.
I had a whole table with a black tablecloth, orange lights, a glass jar of glow sticks, and plush decorations but I forgot to take a picture. The kids painted some cardboard bunting I got from Michaels for $1.30. Totally easier than making it myself- plus the kids got an easy job that ended up being super cute (except the one that got painted sideways:)
I found these super cute favor baskets at Goodwill and we filled them with some random new toys we got at goodwill and a small bit of candy.
I also found some printable mason jars on pintrest (which were supposed to be for valentines day) and redesigned them for a Halloween gift for Jay's classmates. Normal spiders weren't sticking like we wanted, so when I got sling shot spiders 8-packs for .50 each (new) at Goodwill and got 4 packs. Then I attached them with string to make sure they would stay.
I had a bunch of activities for the kids to do, and when they completed it they could get a non-candy prize (yo-yo, cute notepad, paddle-ball).
This picture isn't clear, but is Jay taking his selfie with an adult:)
I got out some of the monster items from Jay's 1st birthday party:
I set the table with some Candy and other fun things. Then I added my pumpkin-looking cheese ball.
And I tried a few mummy pizzas before resorting to regular pizza because it was way easier.
Everyone had so much fun!

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Anonymous said...

What a fun party and great decorations!
G-ma N