Tuesday, November 11, 2014

November is flying by..

We have done a lot more with sight words and math the last few weeks.
Here is our parking lot game:

We have been practicing sorting colors with Andy:

John bought a large white board from the hardware store and worked with Jay on some math> I think they drew bananas, lightsabers, pears, footballs and candy:)
They spend a lot of time being silly:

We can't help taking cute pictures of Andy sleeping:

Jack, Kyle and J.T. came over and we (they) worked hard on the cement pad for the shed.

Andy turns 2 1/2 this week and I can hardly believe how time has flown.

He is thinking....that he might want to go to Pizza Ranch for his half birthday:)
The blog posts are getting fewer and farther between because I am taking 2 masters classes and have school meetings and other stuff going on. I did get all the ingredients ready to throw beef/vegetable soup in the crock pot tomorrow morning though:) I'm already excited about it, even though I won't get home until 7:20 tomorrow night (just like tonight). Time flies...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics.
Andy is growing so fast.
Cement is a lot of work.
Looks like you are homeschooling a little. :)
G-ma N

Lori said...

Love the sight words ideas! How fun! Might have to try that too.

Anonymous said...

Yep, time does fly when you're a young mom. I still remember, but oh what fun. Enjoy every minute. Grandma S.