Sunday, February 9, 2014

Feb sweetness

Oh, Man. I can't believe how time flies. Andy is almost 21 months and Jay is 3 1/2. I put a size 2T pj's on Andy today an Jay said "I have a 3 1/2 T one mom". The boys are sweet and crazy at the same time. They both love superheros, planes, cars, and wresting with each other. Jay is still a super picky eater and prefers snacks, but doesn't get them as often any more as we are pushing real food. Andy will eat pretty much anything. Today at Qdoba he dipped his chip in Cody's nacho's about 5 times and loved the spiciness of it. I am loving not taking a class this semester, but still barely find time to do anything extra. Here are some more cute pictures from the last few weeks: Andy got a buzz costume (minus the wings) from a thrift store and walked around all day saying "I Buzz"

Jay has been loving playing with any type of cars, and one of his favorite activities is getting out "new" rotated toys from the basement.

Andy had a crazy hair day at school a while back, and came home with various pigtails on top of his head. We took some cuddle pictures before bath time and they are strange but cute.

The weather outside has been very cold, but occasionally it still gets nice enough to play outside. Grandma took some pictures of Jay, but said he barely lasted 15 min.

I never took a picture of the flipped over trains in Milliken b/c of the flood, and they had big machinery out to get the stuff out of them, so I took this picture because I thought they were going to pick them back up...but they still look exactly like this.
Actually...there is a funny story that goes with this. Jay loves when Grandpa S. tells him about Goldilocks and the 3 one day on our way home from the library, he starts telling a story about the 3 bears and gets to the part about Goldilocks...then he stared out the window (when we were right at this point in our drive) and said "Then Goldilocks got on a train and it CRASHED and she died. The end." Pretty funny for a 3 year old. He has also been more into crafty things than usual. He helped with his valentines, but that is another post. On this morning, I taught him how to draw stick figures, so he drew our family. I put it as my background screen on my teaching computer at school and the kids loved my "family of aliens" picture. FYI, Jay is the one with the biggest head:)
I have been baking and cooking more creatively lately. I LOVE this Banana Oatmeal Bread recipe that is written on a post-it-note in my favorite cookbook in my mom's handwriting, but I have no idea where it came from. I use 1 cup of white sugar (instead of 3cups which is what another recipe I found calls for), I use some honey, I use 1 cup white flour and 3/4 cup wheat flower, I use oatmeal, and I always throw in whatever fruit we have that needs to be used up that would add up to a little over 2 bananas. This particular one has blueberries, blackberries and bananas. The other secret ingredient is the oatmeal. The kids also love the bread, and especially in the morning, when it is hard to get them to eat breakfast before we leave (and they needed to eat, because they needed to take medicine and have food because of ear infections)...they will gladly eat this.

A few nights ago I decided to make a loaded omelet...and then Jay really wanted a few chips, and had finished all his he got a few...and I crushed a few up and threw them in my eggs:)
Here are some cute pictures leftover from the stock show:

With all the cold weather, we have really have gotten more creative in the house. Yesterday we hooked up the automatic hot wheels track to the non-automatic long one and flung cars up a ram and into the kitchen. I think we were all having fun. Today we had a few puppet shows.

Andy has been talking so much. He will pretty much repeat anything you say...except that he is way more shy when we are in front of strangers, or on skype with family. He gets some practice on the potty at daycare, and when he said "potty" today, I brought him there even though I suspected he already peed in his pants. While sitting on the potty- he pooped in it! WOW. Definitely not expecting that to be a regular occurrence, but it was a happy surprise. I'm surprised I don't have more videos of him talking. Well, off to bed.


Anonymous said...

What fun pictures!
Thanks for posting!
G-ma N

Anonymous said...

Loved the puppet show videos...wish I knew what Andy was saying, as he did really well!