Monday, February 17, 2014

A Cheap Day Off

What to do on a day off from school when both parents are off? Use part of the day (but not all of it, so we're not behind) and do some free stuff! First, I guess it wasn't free, but it was cheap. I got a deal on an airplane toy (a mat with a hanger, control tower, tarmac and a superhero plane) at Target a few weeks ago, and after Jay did a ton of chores this morning, he got a prize. (Also, I hid all the airplanes in the house for a few days so they felt like new toys. Jay LOVED it and spent a lot of the morning flying planes from room to room.

We made a trip to Greeley and on the way Jay claimed he saw some baby lambs, a helicopter, and Ironman on a motorcycle. John and I only saw the first two:) We paid a visit to a friend at the Greeley Airport and Jay got to sit in 2 airplanes. Andy wouldn't let go of me, but he was still super excited.
After that we watched airplanes take off and land, and the kids kept yelling "Dusty" about this one orange and white plane we saw. We also touched the plane that was set up for kids to touch by the lunch area.
After that everyone took awesome naps, and I went back to town with Andy. We saw some friends, went to the craft store, stopped at the pet store to see Dogs, Guinea pigs, and fish. Andy was super cute (because he had taken a 3 hour nap) and we had a blast. Jay got to walk to the park with daddy. SO MUCH FUN for a free day off!


Anonymous said...

What a fun day!
G-ma N

Anonymous said...

What fun...yes, I agree, that airplane WAS Dusty!