Friday, February 8, 2013

Picts from Feb

Andy has been climbing lately. He can climb stairs and...
I just starting the matchy outfit stage:)
Then Andy was drinking a bottle in the living room and when I came back from helping Jay on the potty he was HERE!
Guess I forgot to close the dishwasher after I emptied it.
Thank you to Grandma Shaler for the cute shirts.
Andy loves to eat. It is fitting that he loves playing by the fridge just as much. He also JUST got a tooth that broke through. He has been a bit crabby, but if he is well fed, and has some entertainment, it isn't so bad.
Good Morning Mommy! (Actually, they both wake me up and I change and dress them and get them situated, but they are still cute in the morning.
Andy loves to "walk" everywhere holding on to things. The train, the walker, the chairs...everything is just something to hold on to while he is practicing his walking. He also stood for 15 seconds yesterday.


VR said...

Walking by 10 mon? We only have army crawling here.

Lori said...

I was just thinking the same thing! you are going to have an early walker! (And any time you want to come for jerk chicken nachos at 5:30, you are FREE to come!!! Hehe!) :0)

Anonymous said...
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