Friday, January 4, 2013

Jay's bike

I got Jay's garage sale bike fixed up (with the fancy tires that withstand thorns and some training wheels) and I have never seen him happier to wake up from a nap..."mom, I go ride my bike?" He did very well right away...
...and then got a little to close to the Colorado curbs and took a tumble at the end of the street. He did get a nice gash on his eyelid, but when I asked if he wanted to go put ice on it he said..."no..I want to ride bike more".
Luckily it was 42 today and VERY sunny. We actually ate Little Ceasars Pizza outside at a coffee shop table without coats on while we were waiting for his bike to get fixed. Andy, on the other hand...discovered the tupperware area. He had a blast and Jay didn't even try to take away what he was playing with:)


Anonymous said...

What fun for Jay!
Did he use his stop sign?
Hope your weather stays nice.
Andy looks happy!

Anonymous said...
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