Monday, July 23, 2012

Trip to NY

We had a fabulous trip to Salem, NY where we went for John's grandfathers funeral this past while. We left the house at 5am and Jay got his normal cup of milk. Wrong move. On occasion Jay gets carsick (especially around turns) and this was one of the occasions. He puked twice on the way to the airport. The first time we stopped and changed his clothes and switched out the car seat and got him as cleaned up as we could. The second time we did the same, but just washed up the carseat as good as we could. So when we go to the airport we were late, and Jay was on his third outfit, but we were ready to fly! Andy's first flight. He didn't love it or hate it.
Jay loved it He said "wow" quite a few times especially during takeoff and landing and hated it (because we wouldn't give him milk on the plane)
His absolute favorite was the escalators and moving walkways!
The view from the driveway.
Jay was facinated when the guys were cleaning out the old barn.
Grandma took Jay for a walk in the creek behind the house.
Some of the tractors at the house lined up.
Some family hanging out on the porch.
A bath in the tub with feet.
With John's cousins Brett's kids. We forgive them for being patriots fans:)
My favorite picture ever. Jay by Elwoods (John's grandfather who passed away) woodpile
Our family before the funeral.
Jay is playing outside before the visitation.
The funeral was beautiful...except the part where I was singing the processional with a few other ladies up front and Jay started screaming the second he sat down in the pew. John took him out and when I got done I went out to hang out with him. We had tried to give him a nap earlier in the day but he climbed out the pack and play he was in, opened the drawers of the desk that was in front of the door in the room we were staying in and locked himself in the room. After we got him out there was no point in putting him back to bed. So back to the funeral...I layed him down in the stroller that I had taken along and circled the fellowship hall about 5 times. Then I brought him to the back of the church and listened to the service until he fell asleep. John read the verses I was supposed to read during the funeral and I had a funeral service director watch jay sleeping in the stroller in the back of the church while I went up to sing another song with Davina. When I returned to the back of church I read in the bulliten that said: "Elwood's son Jack will recess out carrying the ashes along with his son and granson. This will be the last time four generations will walk together." It was cool to have the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th J.E.S. walk out together so I woke him up (still half sleeping) right before the recessional and walked to the front of church for John to carry him out. John's 2 cousins and him each drove tractors with the funeral processional to the gravesite. Here they are getting one of them going.
His cousin Brett.
John in front of the shed at his grandfathers house.
Jay loved to "drive" the tractors.
Andy looking handsome by the woodpile. His tie was not for was for grabbing and eating:)
Jay got ahold of a couple of chocolate chip cookies and had it all over his face.
One of my favorite things about the property.


Lori said...

wow, you weren't kidding about the pictures. They are gorgeous! The jay/barn picture is our new desktop background but the andy/firewood picture came in at a staggeringly close second. So glad you could enjoy the place where someone special lived and celebrate his life. ;)

Anonymous said...

How neat to see the New York relatives and see the home place.
Neat tractors and cool pics.
G-ma N