Monday, April 9, 2012

Whirlwind Weekend

We had so much fun this past weekend.
My parents came to visit, and we did some shopping, the guys put together a playgroud set, went to an easter egg hunt, participated in our Easter service at church and had a fabulous easter dinner with family.
The first night Jay got a special surpise from grandpa's workshop...but I forgot to download the pictures, so more BARN pictures to come.
Each morning he could care less about mommy/daddy, he wanted to see "papa" or "maaama" and giggle.

Here are some random snippets:
Jay LOVED the easter bunny.
We didn't know what to expect when the city of Milliken offered an easter egg hunt in our nearby park.
It was awesome. Jay got to find eggs in the 0-24 month category so he had an advantage:)) At first he was just excited to run so he ran all the way to the back where no one was finding eggs (which also gave him an advantage). It took us a while for him to actually want to pick up the eggs, because when he shook them they didn't shake much so he didn't think there was anything in them. (Really they had tons of candy in them). Mom and I emptied the eggs and put smarties and gummies in each one...and the adults are enjoying the chocolate and hard candy.
Each kid also got a ticket for a prize (I got jay a kite)...and Jay found a SILVER egg in the category, so he ended up with a special prize...(a laugh and learn little dog thing that makes sounds). I'll post more later, but he had to go to the easter bunny to get his big prize...turned out he thought he was so cool. He kept saying "buddy" (instead of bunny) and follwing him around.

Jay was very excited to watch Daddy and Papa work outside, and the minute we let him out he wanted to "hep" (help).
I remembered that I had purchased a toolkit from a goodwill 1/2 price sale last summer, so I got it out of the "toys for later" shelf and he got to "drill" like Daddy and Papa.

He was also excited to "sli" (slide)...
and "wing"..."mooor weeeee" (swing...more weee (push me higher))
His other favorite activity on Sunday was doing ANYTHING with "un co chaa" (Uncle Chad). He shot a lot of "ballhoop"s (baskteball) and did a lot of swinging.
Happy Easter!

On Sunday afternoon I crashed because I was so exahused, so I spent some time laying around on the couch for a bit. Now, I go to bed early!

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Anonymous said...

We had a great weekend, too.
We miss you all.
G-ma N