Friday, April 20, 2012

Jay at 21 months

There are so many things I want to remember about this last month. Jay has been growing and changing a ton and he learns a few new words each day.
This is turning into a long post...enjoy.
Jay 21 months:

He is putting together more sentences. For example Mommy: “what do you want for supper Jay?” Jay: “um hai waad dip dip hood dog” (translation: um, I want dip dip hot dog for supper) (meaning: a corn dog with ketchup).

He enjoys routine. He gives me a hug and says “bye-bye mommy” a few times when I leave for work and never cries. He enthusiastically says “mommy home!” when I pick him up from anywhere. He also knows that “daddy work” when he is not at home.

He started playing Wii Mario brothers with Daddy. He shoots spitballs and daddy picks his character up and carries him around the game. I took this picture of him wearing his helmet around the house putting change in his piggy bank a few days before, but I think somehow it resembles his love for Mario.

He gets excited to watch the “sports minute” on the news every morning (and watches specifically for b-ball)

He learned how to say “cookie”, “chip” and “toy” over Easter when Grandpa and Grandma were visiting. We had some fun with it after he learned the new word:

He spends time looking at toy magazines at the table while mommy reads grocery ads and pregnancy magazines. He specifically points out the choo-choo’s every time.

On our days off he can go through MANY activities (that last about 10-15 min. each) which is very fun and exhausting at the same time. We cut pretend fruit, bake real food together, play in the sand, swing on the swingset, have snack, play shape sorter, ride bike, play barn animals, watch elmo, play drums, play ball-hoop, have a tickle fight, have more snack, AND TAKE A NAP!

Today started the trend of him doing something cool (like walking up his slide) and saying “daddy watch” and “mommy watch”. That is sure to be a never-ending cycle!

Loves to “wok” (rock) with daddy. He typically goes into John’s room in the morning (when it is time to wake daddy up), finds the button on his alarm clock to turn on the music and rocks out to daddy’s music. Tonight he was rocking out to 311 with daddy by watching youtube videos when he bolted for the living room to find his “tar” (guitar) so he could be like the guys in the video.

Jay doesn’t have a little brother to play with yet…but when we go to play in the backyard around 1/3 of the time there is a bunny to chase. This video was shot after he had already been around and around the play set 6 times chasing the bunny. Normally he is beaming from ear to ear as he chases the bunny around. (Also they were testing the tornado sirens this day and the dogs in the neighborhood were not enjoying it.)

I don’t know that he really understands that he is going to be a big brother but we watched this video last night of a friend in Spain who is letting her midwife draw a picture of a baby on her very pregnant belly and he seemed to get it a bit more. He was also using my large belly as an arm-rest during the video.

He loves bath time so much he cries for a few seconds every time we get him out.

He begs to watch the “mon-key”’s in the movie Rio at Ahh-dii-saah’s (Alysa’s) house.

Goes to bed in 1 min. flat with milk, monkey a lullabye and a few “ni-nigh’s”

He stays in his bed nighttime and morning almost all the time.
He still dislikes getting his diaper changed, but can be persuaded by “elmo diapers”.

He calls his babysitter Kristie “cookie” (instead of “doodie” which was his original name for her).

Loves to drive the car while it sits in the garage. In a period of 24 hours John and I both let him play in the car and he got a hold of loose change and stuck it in the air vents in both of our vehicles. Needless to say…the rest of the loose change is now in his piggy bank instead of in our cars:)


Anonymous said...

We miss you all.
Thanks for the post.
G-ma N

Ruby said...

Haha love the arm-rest pose! Maybe he'll continue with it when the lil one arrives ;-)