Friday, April 15, 2011


Here are a few snapshots of what has been up lately. I have videos of the good stuff, but no time to upload tonight.
One of my best investments ever: a $1.50 toothbrush from Walmart. He played with that longer than any other toy he has ever played with.
We have had more trips to the park lately (he went with Grandma too). Here is is standing on a bench:)
He has been getting into a lot more trouble. Most of our cupboards have latches on them, but this one didn't so he took advantage of the opportunity to rip everything out. I thought it was cute this time so I took a picture instead of stopping him.
I have been trying to photograph his ONE TOOTH! I think it came in a few days ago because his mood has been a bit better since. I didn't get any pictures of his tooth, but this one was cute.
Also, he is crawling and is pretty fast! He has been using the walker to walk around the living room and is really loving that too. Videos to come soon.

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Lori said...

Love the pictures! Toothbrushes are amazing, I completely agree. Isaiah still LOVES his 5 of them.

And ya gotta have a classic "mess" picture. I got in the butter, Kyle got into the oatmeal. It's a classic picture. Love it. :)

Good job with the crawling and walking, Jay!!! That's absolutely amazing what you accomplished in two weeks!!