Saturday, April 30, 2011

10 months

Jay is now 10 months old!
He can crawl FAST, he has 2 teeth, he loves to giggle, and has really enjoyed standing (with help) and holding on to anything he can find. He also finds trouble VERY quickly. He loves: pulling on our door blinds, racing over to the DVD player (or anything else with buttons), emptying out cupboards or drawers (the ones that don't have the baby locks on them), spinning stroller wheels, looking in the toilet, and playing with the dishwasher (he already broke a dish). He has also been the sweetest he has ever been and is cuddly when he wakes up from a nap (for a min. or so), and can't wait to hug us when we see him after work.
I went through his clothes again today because his 9 month clothes were too short for him.

We are also very busy. I have 2 assignments due next week for the masters class I am taking, and John is currently finishing his paper for his last class, and he will GRADUATE with his Bachelors in Psychology next week!! We are all excited and already starting to get things ready for the party that night. I went on my school's 8th grade class trip OVERNIGHT to the aquarium this week- so I am catching up on sleep this weekend:) I'm very excited for summer so I can get more than the basics done.

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Anonymous said...

He's growing so fast!
Cute outfit.
Have a great week and I
hope you can get everything
done. G-ma N