Friday, March 25, 2011

Random Thoughts

Yeah...really random. These are all things I don't really care to expand on online.
-Hooray for tax refunds when you have a kid. Seriously.
-Why do cookies call my name when I am staying up late doing homework?
-I hate letting people down because I am trying not to over commit myself.
-I don't think I would ever be able to be an individual sales representative for a company. I think I am too cheap. Plus I know other people who are so good at it, and I want to give them props for what they do.
-Education budget cuts for next year stink. It changes the attitude in the workplace.
-I think Jay may have a third nipple. John didn't even notice it until I pointed it out. We'll ask the doctor next time.
-I love working out once I am doing it...but I hate getting myself out to do it. Grrr.
-I've been thinking a lot about how much hometown Dutch roots made me the person I am today.
-John and I both think we might be a little bit lactose intolerant, but we both are choosing not to be (meaning we are still going to eat whatever we want:) I guess it might get a little bit smelly around here...we'll just blame it on Jay:)
-Do most people do 6 month and 12 month professional pictures but skip 9 month pictures? I think that is what we are going to do.
-Sooo happy for spring break. I think John is too because shortly after I took over baby duty today, I found him listening to heavy "ra ra" music in the office while "Praise Baby" music lingered in the living room.
-I think Jay might be teething now. For real this time. Maybe. But that is what I said the other 5 times too.
-I love Skype, even if adults have a hard time focusing on real conversations because the baby in your lap is so cute.
-Waaay excited to see family in the next week. Chad and Christine tomorrow, the rest of my family next week.
-The TV show Modern Family is really funny, we got a season from the library and are enjoying it.


Anonymous said...

Good thoughts!
Can't wait to see you either.

Rob and Christine said...

Hey, Angie. Just my two cents- I got Kathryn's pictures taken professionally as often as I could. We did 1,2,3,6,9 and 12, 18, 2 years etc... sometimes I only got the promo package, although there is huge pressure from the salesperson. I will never regret having those pictures, the time passes so quickly and they are irreplacable treasures. Eventually, we got a DSLR camera, and I am happy enough with the results that I do not need to take the girls in for professional photos, I just stage my own. I found it on Craigslist for a few hundred- some of *the best* money I have ever spent.

Kate said...

Ummm the teething thing - we've said it 7896876 times about Luca. Even her doctors and nurses have said it. But, none so far. Maybe she and Jay have some weird agreement not to grow teeth?

Clare & Tim said...

Reading random thoughts like this always amuse me. From third nipples to Modern Family. Awesome :)