Sunday, March 6, 2011

Big boy shirt

Jay is starting to wear some of his 12 month clothes. With his hair (yeah you can actually see his hair now) looking longer he is growing so fast.

Here he is zoning out. Ok, I'll admit it- he was watching T.V.
Jay has been drooling like crazy since he was 3 months old. Everyone says "oh he's just teething" and I respond with "yeah- maybe". He has been wearing bibs every since. This is one of my favorites: "I'm a Sloppy Kisser"
His is now 8 months and still has no teeth. See:

I'm kind of sick of blaming everything (waking up in the middle of the night, extra crabbiness, random screaming) on "teething" when he doesn't even have any teeth.
I guess it is not something to really worry about. He will get teeth eventually. He will start to try "people food" and not just pureed baby food eventually. Now he just plays with it unless I put it in his mouth...then he gags on it.
We still love him to pieces. Drool and all:)


Anonymous said...

He looks older in a big boy
shirt. CUTE!
G-ma N

Lori said...

LOVE that shirt on him!! It makes his eyes look even bluer--is that possible?

By the way, mom and I went through some clothes when she was here and I have a bunch of stuff for you to look at. I can't believe he's in 12 months already!

Not sure if you're interested but Caleb cut his first tooth at 7 1/2 months and Isaiah at 9 months.

I think, judging by the biting on the chair picture and the cranky nights, that something is definitely going on with teeth. The crazy thing is, the might "pop out" on a happy day. That teething thing is SO ANNOYING. I'm so happy to be semi done with it. I think Isaiah might be teething too cause he's waking up most nights as well.

Rob and Christine said...

Hi Angie,
Boy he is getting big! Niamh was a drooler for the longest time. I read or heard somewhere that all babies produce a lot of drool, but some swallow it while others don't. That made sense to me. Kathryn didn't sleep completely through the night until age 3, and Niamh will probably be the same way. All that is to say, hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ang-Jay is super cute--I love the pics. I think people forget that babies are human too and have good days and bad days just like us big people and sometimes, we just don't know why:) Owen didn't pop teeth until 8 months old but the odd thing is, he rarely drooled or spit up, for that matter,--I only have a bib on him when he eats! Regardless, they're all their own little people and always keep us hopping!