Friday, March 20, 2009

Some cheap or free stuff today.

OOOOOPS!I totally meant to post this on my other blog. Oh, well. You can see my deals from today:)

Today I went to King Soopers, Walgreens and Target

King Soopers
Suave lotion 2.99 (coupon for free Suave up to 3.00) =free
Rice cakes .99each (.50 coupon which doubled, and 1.00 coupon)= free
Steamfresh meals for Two 5.99 (coupon for free steamfresh)= free
Steamfresh rice sides 2.50 (coupon for buy steamfresh meals for two, get side free)= free
(I'm not really sure why I got the free steamfresh meals for two coupon in the mail. I don't remember signing up for it. Did anyone else get it?)

Irish Spring Body wash 4.99 (Coupon for free Irish spring Body wash 4.49) It would have been .50, but since it was a WAGS coupon, she used another MC for .50 =free

2 boxes granola bars 2.00 each (1.00/2 MC)
3 boxes fancy granola bars 2.50 each (1.00 MC off each one)
(received a $5 target gift card) =2.50 for 5 boxes!

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Anonymous said...

Good deals. Way to go.