Friday, October 10, 2008

My MiddleSchool Photoshop class.

This year I am teaching a Photoshop (Elements) class to middle school kids. We do a lesson every class period, and if they get finished early, they can create/edit in photoshop.
This past week I was sick of getting NEGATIVE political flyers in the mail, so I asked my students to create a POSITIVE flyer about America. Here are some good ones:

I didn't have many pictures for them to edit at the begining of the year...and the majority of photo sites are blocked with our school filter, so I grabbed some pictures of my family (nephews and neice) and let them edit those.
It ended up a little crazy.

Once I had gotten a few pictures of thier classmates, I included them...and this happened:

now they can only edit people if they have permission from those people:)


Anonymous said...

This is fun to see.
Positive adds--Yah!
Funny Caleb.

Lori said...

That's my child--the one with 20 eyes.

Love this posters!!

spain dad said...

How fun!