Thursday, October 23, 2008

My attempt at recycling

So...I have been pretty lax about recycling my whole life. I saved the pop cans when I was younger...because we got money for them!
When my sister and brother-in-law came to visit in July the "challenged" me to recycle more. Basically I started feeling guilty for not recycling. Since they charge quite a bit for a SMALL container of recycling in my town, I decided not to participate in their recycling service. I have been saving all the weekend newspapers I get (mostly for the coupons) and I have been saving all the cans and plastic water bottles too.

My next inspiration for going "green" was when I won a free reusable bag in an online contest. I was so excited to use it when I got it in the mail. I have acquired over 8 reusable bags for $0 with contest, store deals, and back-to-school teacher appreciation days. I use them most of the time on my shopping trips. Here are just a few:

The next thing I did was use coupons to get Dawn Direct Foam. This stuff makes the bubbles last a LONG time, and you don't have to keep filling the sink and washing dishes when there is only 5 of them to wash. I definitely think I am saving water. (Also notice the water bottle in the background that I use to stop wasting plastic water bottles)

Tomorrow, I am bringing all my saved up recycling to the place in Fort Collins (about 30 miles away). Here it is, sitting in my garage. Good thing I have a nice big area in the back of the xterra to fit it in!
I know I am still not at all on the "green" bandwagon...but I don't plan on driving a Prius, composting my extra food, or even planting a garden anytime soon, so this is my small contribution:)


Anonymous said...

Way to go!
You need a garden and an apple tree next.
I need to get a recycleable bag soon.
It'll be good to get rid of the stuff.

Lori said...

That's a nice big pile of stuff that's NOT going in the dump. It's amazing how much stuff we don't have to dump, huh?
I'm VERY VERY proud. :)