Friday, September 12, 2008

There's a mouse in my tech lab...

actually there are 28 mice:) (27 computer mice, 1 real mouse;)
I noticed the effects of the mouse about a week ago, when I moved some candy in to my desk drawer to use for prizes. I didn't think much of it at first, but the next day when I put a little bag of Nutter Butter's in the drawer, the bag was torn into and a little creature had nibbled at a good many Nutter Butters. I threw out the bag, and immediately put most of my candy in Ziploc containers. I put a few in Ziploc bags because I didn't think they little guy would go for it.
I was wrong. The next day the Ziploc bag was torn open and the candy for prizes was scattered. I had a note for the janitor to put a mousetrap in my desk drawer, and a message in at the office. I hadn't seen the effects of the mouse for a few days....and I got lazy.
I opened my NEW bag of Nutter Butter's yesterday when my stomach was growling in-between classes. When I was done, I put it back in the Ziploc container and shoved it in the drawer.
WELL, today, I found the lid off, and a small hole nibbled in the bag. There were a few round Nutter Butters scattered around the drawer!!!!
I have some Middle School boys on mouse patrol. They checked out where the Janitor put the traps, and are keeping an eye on them for me...maybe we can catch the little guy.

I always thought mice were cute. I love this poster of the mouse and the elephant (I have it above my desk). I enjoyed reading The Tale of Despereaux. But this new little mouse is getting on my nerves!


Anonymous said...

Mice are not nice!
Good luck catching the little critters.
Put candy in glass jars with strong lids. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm reading that book right now! :) One of my 6th graders recommended that book to me, and it's sitting on my desk waiting for a time when I don't have so many papers to grade so I can read it.


Justin and Nicole said...

yeah put the candy in jars you have to twist off. I'd like to see him get to that!