Saturday, September 20, 2008

Some fun finds:)

Today I went to 2 garage sales on my way to get a free recyclable bag (for being one of the first 150 customers), and a can of olives for my pasta salad.
I found these things that I am super excited about.
First, a super-cute bag (for 1.00) that holds EVERYTHING. Coupon organizers, paper adds, my purse, my water bottle, keys...I even fit my gift for the baby shower I was going to in it:)

(also include are my .05 folders, my .40 corn on the cob holders)

Second, I found a Duck Hunt (for Nintendo) gun (and the game along with about 15 other games and some more controllers) for 5.00. And...IT WORKED! I felt like I was at my 6th grade birthday party all over again.

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Chad said...

i love duck hunt!! I am gonna have to make a trip back up for a shoot off. Good find. Also, GOOO BRONCOS 3-0!! Sweet offense and no defense