Thursday, April 10, 2008

High School

So my 10 year high school reunion is comming up, and it makes me think about who I was back then.
I am one of those people who LOVED high school. It was a blast. If I could go back to high school for a few weeks I would (if it was in the 90's- not now).
A large part of that has to do with the awesome friends I had back then. I hope they are still my good friends after they see this picture on my blog:)

We spent our time doing lypincs and fashion shows at sleepovers, planning which Sunday night church we were going to, playing "Girl Talk" and discussing which boys we liked at the time. We picked out our wedding colors during games of MASH, and loved being crazy during the 4-8 hour trips to STATE tournaments.

Yeah, I liked the Orlando Magic. (kinda cheeseball now)
We also had an aweseome group of guy friends that we hung out with, but I'm not talking about them today.

Other great things I remember about high school:
*Everyone wore t-shirts and jeans.
*I didn't feel much peer pressure.
*The guys would build a haunted house every year!
*I genuinely got along with other people that weren't in my group of friends.
*State Volleyball.

Sr. year in high school has kind of blended into freshman year in College (because so many of us went to Dordt) the ones that didn't, we adoped as Dordt hockey fans anyway!

Once we got to college, we met Karen...and we adoped her as Unity Alumni:) She knows all the stories from high school like she was there! I keep wanting to ask her if she is coming to the reunion:)

As I ponder how much has changed in 10 years, I am hopeful that my classmates can look back on high school fondly, as I do.


Anonymous said...

OH....MY......GOODNESS!! You had to put those up, huh??!! Just is a good flashback and thank goodness for style changes! All I have to say for myself is dork-a-licious (I made that word up, copyright me).
Thanks for the flashback Ang!


Abril said...

yeah ang - great pics and great post. i totally agree - i loved high school - its hard to me to imagine my kids probably not getting the same experience. i hope that they at least get to experience the same kind of fun and friends. slumber parties were the best! i'm so sad to be missing the reunion this summer :(

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding me what I loved about high school.


Dan and Sarah said...

Thanks for the flashback. All I can say is, I'm glad I'm not in the first picture! :) Love you all!!

Nicole said...

YEah how did Sarah miss out on the picture and wow I was hideous!!! Thanks for not pointing that out to me ever. No wonder I never got any dates! You're right though Ang, high school rocked. I loved also that we never dressed up for school or anything like that. We even made fun of the Western girls cuz they always looked like they were going to prom remember! Hey we should all take high school pics to the reunion so we can have more cool flashbacks and our husbands can wonder why they ever married us :) Who has the videos by the way I'm sure Justin would love to see those.