Sunday, November 4, 2007

On to state!

My volleyball team (the H.S. one that I coach) mad an impressive appearance on Friday and has now qualified for STATE! I am excited for them. I am now realizing there are like a million things to do before we leave on Thursday. The state tournament will be in Denver, so it won't be too far. Here is a picture of the team, and the plaque we won (without the names on it)

All these "state" memories are reminding me of high school- and how much fun we had. The fans and the players! (Anyone from my high school who is reading this knows what I am talking about.)

Also, Colorado is beautiful this time of year. There is snow in the MTs. and most of the ski resorts are opening. This is the view from our driveway.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Coach!
Way to go!
Have fun at state!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Congrats! -Sharla

Justin and Nicole said...

That is SOOO AWESOME!!! Congratulations!!!! And yes I totally remember watching you guys at state!

Abril said...

so i'm curios ang - how does "going to state!" differ in feeling/experience from the coach's perspective? it also brings back all these memories of high school and feeling like a high-schooler - so i'm curious what it feels like as an adult?

Dan & Sarah said...

Congrats Nibs! That's is so exciting. I hope you and the girls make a great showing at state!
Great times - great memories!

Angie said...

Hmmm...from a coaches perspective...I still get the giddy feeling (probably because it was such a great experience for me when I was younger). Although, being on the phone with hotels for hours, my Athletic Director for more hours, and organizing EVERYTHING...has made the experience not quite as cheerful:)

Fessler said...

Wow! Congrats! -Sharla