Saturday, November 10, 2007

Back from state...

At our hotel this morning...we saw an older man with a white beard in the elevator, then another man with a white beard in the hallway, and another round man with a white beard walking into the lobby. Louanne, the teacher with me said..."there must be a santa convention" jokingly. About 10 min later in the lobby, 3 more guys with white beards walled in...and when I walked by the conference room I saw a sign that said "Welcome to Santa School!". Ha!

So my VB team going to state was monumentus because it was the first time the school has ever been to state in volleyball. Of the 8 teams going to state we had the # 7 seed. We played pretty well, but the other teams were significantly bigger (physically) than us, and it was a level of play that was hard to match. There was a nice article in the paper about us going to state, and it quoted me a bunch.
Here are some pictures from state:

Also, The fun stuff was a blast- care packages, evening devotions, watching 5 courts at once with fans all around, and leftover snacks:)

And now...I need to clean the house and get to all the other things I haven't done for 3 1/2 months:)


Anonymous said...

Cool pics!
It's exciting to go to state no matter how the team does. Just be glad your state volleyball is only about an hour away-not 5 like in IA
Maybe life will slow down just a bit for you now.:)
Love you MOM

Lori said...

HAHAHAHA!! I love the Santa Convention story. That's a GOOD one! Hahahahahaha!!