Sunday, April 22, 2007

Top 3

While teaching 4th grade computers, I took requests from them for their next project (which would be kind of a break from the previous rigorous topics). They Choose FOOD.
I have been having a blast thinking of my top 3 favorites. Here are a few:

1. Pizza Ranch (A hometown favorite!)
2. Red Robin (classic but delicous hamburgers and fries)
3. Valentinos (Buffet that is especially delicious in Lincolon, NE)

1. Take 5 (a newer candy bar...delicious)
2. Kit Kat (see blast from the past that lacks sound quality)
3. 3 Musketeers

1. Chocolate Chip Cookies (Casey's Bakery's are the best!)
2. Monkey Bread (A Nibbelink family favorite)
3. Cheesecake (blueberrys on the top are GREAT!)

Main Meal Food
1. Tater tot caserole (A potluck favorite)
2. Tavern (also known as Sloppy Joes or barbeque)
3. Lasagna (more feel good food)

Road Trip Food
1. Carmel Frappucchino (a jolt of caffine and tastiness for the long trip to IOWA)
2. Twizzlers (something chewy that takes a while to eat)
3. Peanut Butter M&M's (Something to pop in your mouth and enjoy the PB goodness)

What are your TOP 3? :)


Chad said...

I think you need to make the youtube video public so we can watch it. I totally took that video too!!!

Anonymous said...

The video is funny.
My favorite foods are:
hot fudge sundaes, peanut
butter cup bars, cherry cheesecake,
and steak.

Good luck in your volleyball game.
Love MOM

Chad said...

wow..I can't believe that is a public video now :(
by the way...the dude is A-rod not brandon.

Dan & Sarah said...

I'd have to agree on the resturant choice. I just never get tired of PR :)