Saturday, March 3, 2007

Raking the Lawn

You'd think that you wouldn't need to rake the lawn in March. Not true. After the snow stays on the ground for so long, it pushes down the grass and apparently it is good to use a rake to fluff it up again. Because it finally got to 40 degrees, I put on my working shoes and took the rake out back.
In other of the T.V. stations in the area announced a contest where you take a picture of how you look in the morning and send it in, and the winner gets a prize. John and I both think that he could win because of his crazy hair and blue eyes. We took some photos this morning as possible entries. Needless to say, I still am against the beard.

And, If you hadn't heard...last weekend I spotted John Lynch, Safety for the Denver Broncos, at a resturant we were eating at. I am proud to be a Broncos fan, and even prouder that I recognized a football player in regular clothes before my husband or his dad did:)


Anonymous said...

John does look wild and crazy.
I hope he wins the prize.
Mom N.

Lori said...

OOooga! Oooooga! Me hungry. Me want food! Me go wake up and put on smock. Me go hunt big bear! Woman cook food for me!

Chad said...

Sheesh, I am impressed that you picked out john lynch...thats quite somethin. What resteruant?

Chad said...
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