Sunday, March 11, 2007

Mighty Fighing Rainbow Trout

The Mighty Fighting Rainbow Trout is the name of the Dodgeball team John is on. It is a bunch of guys from Fellowship church. They play on Friday nights, and it is hilarious. I was so excited this past week because they were missing some players and they let me play on their team.

It really has been a baby week. I went to 3 baby showers, found out a close friend is pregnant, and talked to my friends and sister that have recently had babies.
When Lori had Caleb, I told John "I want a baby...there so cute" He responded lovingly, "do you really want a baby because there cute?" Good point. Don't get me wrong. John is going to be great with kids. Just today in church one of the girls that is about 2 said "Hi John" as he walked by. Even her parents were amazed. I guess we just want to be at the right point in our lives before we have kids. Right now it sure is fun living vicariously through other people's kids. When they cry I can hand them back:)


Anonymous said...

It is kind of nice to hand babies back when they're crabby :)
Looks like Dodgeball was fun and the showers too.
We went for a ride to the river today and saw geese flying over and about 5 bald eagles. Snow is melting fast. Love MOM

Chad said...

something about a biological clock...ticking....
sorry, thats not a very nice comment.