Monday, June 4, 2018

Idaho Springs Early June

We have been having an amazing vacation with Grandpa and Grandma S and family at the "cabin" in Idaho Springs. When we first arrived, we realized the zip line was working this year!
The kids went "mucking" in the creek.
We had some good times eating meals and Ellie was "stretching like Grandma"
Later we panned for Gold.
We did a photo shoot at Echo Lake, and it was beautiful..well, a little cold. I took a few pictures while the photographer was shooting, but I also made a bunch of the clan take photos while we were back a the cabin.
Here are a few more I took at home. I can't wait for the real ones to come back!
We went for a short hike near Dillon lake:
We played our share of football:
And...the routine:

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Anonymous said...

What a cool place!
Can't wait to go there.
Neat pictures!
Beautiful scenery!
G-ma N