Thursday, July 28, 2016

Summer fun in July

So Besides the fun in Iowa this summer, here is what else we have been up to: Jay and Andy played T-ball. It was...pretty uneventful, and HOT.
We have gone to the splash park to splash and scooter many times. This time it was with Trish. Oh and Jay got stung by a yellow-jacket there.
We went to Chick-Fil-A cow appreciation day and got free food:
Ellie is looking cute as ever:
We went to a children's museum:
I made some crazy pancakes:
The boys got Ellie ready for some football:
John had a few conversations with Ellie:
Ellie smiles at her Giraffe: Ellie Turned 2 months...but taking pictures didn't go so well:
We had a few fires:
I put Ellie on Grandma's couch for a few minutes while I got things ready for bed. Next thing I know Jay has opened her PJ's and is giving her raspberries and talking in a high pitched voice trying to get her to smile:) He loves his sister.
We got all dressed up for family pictures:
During the actual photo shoot, Ellie didn't smile at all. Luckily the next day in the car, I got this shot:)

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures. Fun post.
Keep smiling Ellie. The pancakes are cute.
Whose dog is Jay walking?
G-ma N