Friday, July 25, 2014

More July Fun

Here is a super fast post with no editing done on the pictures about how our last few weeks have been.
We've been taking some funny pictures this week. Here was Andy on the night he kept wanting to kiss me. I am keeping him away from me with my legs.

You can't have one do anything without the other.

 Then there was the open mouth (double chin:)
 I guess this one is a little more photogenic:)

The boys got new PJ's from a garage sale with capes:

And it was hilarious when the chased a bunny (I only caught the last half of the chase).

Jay learned to ride his bike with no training wheels!

 We have been going on bike rides/runs about every other night.

The boys got into the marigold flowers in the back yard and kept giving me presents. (John told them they could pick from a certain section)

This guy is potty training (here is a naked supper picture). It's going OK...I mean...we're trying.

He is so funny now. He will repeat entire stories that Jay tells, and observes so much.
"Hey mommy, that me mowing outside on the picture"
"Hey my monster truck is under the seat, I get it...I GET IT..."
Jay "That's mine", Andy "NO, That MINES"

He loves the fairy tales that grandma tells, and talks to the pictures on the fridge often.
"That Zayne n Deker an Erca n Cody"

We attempted to go swimming at the outdoor pool in town after naptime. We got there and 10 min. later it was "Adult swim", then we got to swim again...for 5 min. until it started lightning and we left. By the time we got home it was Andy decided to have fun anyway.

No one showed up in the nursery at church one Sunday and John wasn't playing drums, so after we concluded it was a BAD idea to keep him in church (read: he talked loudly during the quiet times)  he and Andy built a duplo castle in the nursery!

Uncle Chad came to visit one night.

We've gone to school to START to decorate my classroom (can't wait to post the finished picture.)

Even before Jay could ride bike without training wheels we were racing at the park. Make sure you have your volume loud so you can hear Andy as the starter:)

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Anonymous said...

I am soooooo excited to see those boys in a few short weeks! And if you see any music teacher decoration or paraphernalia during your garage sale hunting let me know and I might have you snag it for my room at school. And I might pick your brain about cute room decorations!