Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Early June happenings

So far this month, besides doing some jeeping, going to the zoo, going to the races, we have been: Trying on some costumes to get ready for Jay's birthday party.
This picture from jeeping is so funny and I forgot to include it in my last post.
I tried a few pintrest games for kids like sight word ball:
We visited a new splash park:
Andy has become good at throwing a frisbee. This one is funny because Jay falls off the slide in the background: This one his form is hilarious: This one he listens to John, throws it to Erica, and she catches it! We made our own air hockey/fooseball table with ping pong balls and guys.
We had some excitement at church when Cody and John got the shopping cart down off the roof:
John has been busy working on the flowers in the backyard. His flowers look great! Anything I was given that resembled a plant has died.
We have done some shopping...
I had my birthday party at Pizza Ranch with all my church friends, and John bought an Ice cream cake for the occasion.
The boys showered me with gifts of jewelry hidden in lego houses:
Grandma Shaler came over a few times and helped the boys have a blast with a backyard pool, some squirt guns, and a blow-up shark. Grandpa threw the shark at them and then had to attack it.
Andy has been getting into more things and decided he needed some goldfish:)
We have gone to the Library each week:

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