Thursday, August 15, 2013

Andy 15 months Jay 3

Not a detailed post, but I have only been posting pictures lately and I want to remember this stuff too...
Andy says: Mama Dada All Duuh (all done) Moorrr (more) nana (banana) neee (cheese) baba (bottle) duu, duu, duu (duck, duck, duck (and then he just runs fast on goose) buhh buhh (bubbles) aaay (Jay) Uhhk uhhk (truck) Roar (anytime he sees a dinosaur, lion, bear, or sometimes puppies) Eats everything, but really likes chicken and bananas (not together). He throws food when he is not excited about eating. He would eat a banana a day if he could and sometimes he does. Loves his blankie, but we lost one so now he loves his hippo too. Sleeps 1 1/2 to 2 hours sometime after 11am. One nap per day. Has cried most days when dropped of at daycare, but it is very normal for that age...and he does the same thing when I leave to go to the grocery store. He loves giving and getting hugs way more than Jay ever did.
Jay says: He really has great language skills and has great conversations with us. He also points to EVERY train and yells "TRAIN" until we acknowledge that we see it. It is so fun to hear him discover new things. Today we saw a "hot balloon" which I corrected to a "hot air balloon" and he talked about how Thomas the train saw one. Yesterday he took the paper towel roll along as a "telescope" which he learned from watching the one Daniel Tiger episode we have on his leap pad. There are a few things that we have tried correcting and it isn't sticking, but when he says these words I still smile because I love that he is still a little kid and he says everything else so well. Canola bars (granola bars) Grils (girls) golf horse (golf course) strawbies (strawberries) "Mom do you like beer?" "Is that drink for dults?" "I'm getting big so now I like (certain foods)" "I wanna watch a daddy video then a Jay video then a daddy video then a Jay video..." (usually talking about a football clip from and a youtube clip of Thomas the Train. Jay eats "very little" (which was yesterday's report from preschool). He has always been a super picky eater, but this week we have made him eat chicken, potatoes, carrots, chicken quesadillas and other foods that he would normally leave on his plate. His favorite foods are anything with sugar, and crackers or cheese-its. He eats fruit very well too. He is enjoying games lately. He has been at Amazing Athletes the last few weeks and has done awesome learning sports. I taught him "Red light, Green light" last night and it was a huge hit! Maybe I'll get a chance to add more tomorrow night:)

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Gosh, I'll have to learn a whole new language next time I'm up there!