Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Andy says "Thank You!"

Andy got so many awesome things for his birthday. Thank you to our guests and others who gave him presents. Grandpa and Grandma Shaler, Chad and Christine, Kristie and Family, Erica and Cody, Julie and Family, Sarah and Becca, Jami and Family, Lori and Family, Davina and Family...
Also, this is not how I normally do thank you's, but John didn't write down which gift was from whom, so I have a pretty good idea, but I'm not positive:)

He does pull this wagon around plenty, but he also likes to sit in it!

 Potsy is a big hit!

The ball tent is hours of fun.

 Anytime Andy sees the camera he squints just like this. It is really hard to get a close up if he sees me coming with the camera:) Love the Wingman shirt!

His mower is his favorite outside toy right now.

 The sweater vest and bow tie from my sister get "oh how cute" comments every time..

The bath toys have been used every night...so fun.

This adorable Very Hungry Caterpillar hat came from Aunt Davina:

Opening presents:

Here is the cute soft barn with animals that make noises. At first he thought the sounds were scary, but now he loves them:)

On another note, Thanks to Carla and Denny and Jack and Cherry who made MY birthday extra special by giving me some money which I used to purchase an Ninja blender! (see the spinach I put in the smoothie?) YUM!

Jay got to open one of his birthday presents early and has been having a good time with it in the summer heat.

THANK YOU EVERYONE! Sorry I didn't get pictures of absolutely everything.


Anonymous said...

Great pics! Love them all.
Andy is so handsome in a tie!
Love, G-ma N

Anonymous said...

I'm so in love with that picture of Jay and Andy in Andy's striped sweater. They are posed SO sweetly. :) I need that one for my fridge. Thanks for the post.