Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A cute card from a 2 year old...

I was looking for a way for Jay (2 1/2)to create a card for his grandparents a few months ago and wan't finding any good options that didn't require any skill. I looked on Pintrest, but couldn't find anything except Christmas cards. I decided to let him paint, and came up with a card idea for myself. Maybe someone can use this idea for Mother's Day coming up. First I had him paint a piece of paper with a few colors.

Then I decided what shape I wanted to create (I chose a butterfly for Easter).
I cut out part of that shape:

Then I went back to the card and drew out the shape. I added scrapbooking paper because I didn't have time for Jay to paint multiple pages of different colors.

After that I put all the pieces together and added the middle of the butterfly.

I added a bit of the painting to the front of the card and added a few more scrapbooking features. I'm guessing it took me 45 min. to put it together (not counting the painting time with Jay).

Happy card making!
(you can see the other pictures he made later hanging up in the background:)


Anonymous said...

Cute idea! Maybe I'll get a Mother's day card like that!

Anonymous said...

I've still got that one on my fireplace mantle, I loved it so much!! Grandma Shaler

Lori said...


Lori said...

By the way, it's on pinterest now. I just pinned it. :)